On an adventure around the world !!!

Hey there,

We are a family from New Zealand, in August 2017 we left NZ and have been traveling full-time with our two young kids since. 

We are not travellers, we have never traveled before now, so this will be a massive adventure for us. 

We are so grateful and excited (also a little nervous !) to have this awesome opportunity to explore the world together, to be able to now put each other first and spend some quality time together and have some fun along the way :)

It was a conscious decision for us to completely change and uproot our lives, we really wanted to do something different and not get stuck in the 'rat race' (yep quoting Marks favourite book here) or just live a 'normal' or 'expected' life. It is certainly not the easy road for us, but we believe it will be the most rewarding for our little family.

Just before we left we started an Instagram and a Facebook page as an easy way to keep in touch and share our travels with friends and family. Prior to this, we really didn't do or like social media, so sharing our lives openly has been a huge change and super scary ! Quite unexpectedly we have gained so much from doing this, aside from the obvious travel inspiration we have made new friends through our page and even met up with some, which has been amazing. We have started to receive a lot of questions about our travels, so we have made this website to share a bit more information.

So say hi & we are happy to answer any questions,

Much love,

Mark, Katie, Pop & Lil x

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